ABAX - Adding value to global business

ABAX - Adding value to global business

Corporate Immigration Services

Venturing to new shores takes a lot of calculated moves so as to make your pathway successful. Be it for work, personal or just a change of scenery, thousands of people move abroad each year. It takes a lot of determination and perseverance to leave your old life and habits to move to greater heights. Career opportunities, desire to travel or a better life are some reasons to become an expat.

Moving abroad is not something for everyone and without the right personal qualities and professional qualifications, your move can turn out to be stressful.

Be it the visa applications, finding accommodation, getting the right permit, ABAX takes care of everything. We will assist you by providing a dedicated assistance to your employers as well as their families while relocating to Mauritius.

At ABAX, we help you muster up the courage and determination to plunge into the unknown so that you have a smooth ride through the procedures.

Our list of services comprises:

  • Schemes & Permits
  • Office Set-up
  • Move-In