ABAX - Adding value to global business

ABAX - Adding value to global business


One of the reasons why I chose ABAX over other fund administrators is that they take their time to get to know their client needs, with careful personal and professional attention to meeting their client objectives. I have found the team from ABAX to be honest, reliable and professional in my dealings with them

Paul Okaru

Managing Director

Sub-Sahara Africa Ventures Ltd

I have worked with ABAX on a number of different matters and always found them to approachable, knowledgeable, professional and innovative. What is particularly refreshing to see is the care and attention they give to clients over and above my experience with other providers. I am always happy to introduce ABAX to my clients as I know they will be in safe hands.

Sean Bannister

Partner, Tax

Edwin Coe LLP

With the objective to promote financial inclusion on the continent, we embrace a new phase of development on the continent with the support of our partners and clients. We are grateful to ABAX for providing us with tailor-made company administration services as well as a dedicated and fully secure server hosting infrastructure that has allowed us to grow the business in a sustainable manner.

Herve Tairou


eMoney Solutions

In only 18 months, African Leadership College has grown from a small start-up team to an institution with over 300 students and 120 staff. It was recently recognised by CNN as the 'Harvard of Africa'. This would not have been possible without a partner like ABAX. They have opened doors beyond anything we could have imagined. I have found that they always seek to add value. As such, I am delighted to be their client.

Fred Swaniker

Founder of the African Leadership College (ALC)

African Leadership Group

ABAX has been very helpful to our establishment in Mauritius. We pride ourselves on doing everything to the highest level of governance and compliance in every jurisdiction in which we operate. We found ABAX to be a very effective partner. They were our first choice as partner because from the outset their team understood our requirements. As we ramp up our presence in Mauritius, we expect to rely further on their knowledge and advice.

Tiffany Dunsdon

Managing Director

Adapt IT

We chose ABAX in setting up as an Investment Advisor and for our investment vehicle because they are bilingual and have the required skills and experience to support us in our strategy to build the right bridge between investors and opportunities in the short, medium and long term. ABAX has really added value at each and every stage of our investment strategy for Africa. Built on worldwide best practices, the ABAX expertise is helping us achieve our business goals the right way.

Youssouf Carius

Founder and Executive Director

Pulsar Partners

We are extremely happy we engaged ABAX to assist us in the setting up of the Fund. They have an impressive and in-depth knowledge of setting up of funds, administration, compliance and legal matters. The broad skills within ABAX have helped to identify key issues early in the process and added significant value to Ecobank.

Paul-Harry Aithnard

Group Head Securities and Asset Management Executive Director

Ecobank Group

We chose Mauritius as a place to set up a company, having looked at Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam as options, because the bulk of our customers are in Africa. There are about 24 different African countries that we supply to. But the facilities and the infrastructure both in Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam did not compare with Mauritius. We were looking for a city which is a port city. Currently based in Johannesburg, it’s about a week to ten days of import and export that we lose because of the road freight from the Durban port to the Johannesburg port. So we needed a port city and those two did not compare as favorably as Mauritius.

Craig Silver


Generator Logic, a Mauritius Freeport operator

When you think about where Mauritius is positioned and what it has been doing as an international financial center, it’s one of the best leap frogs into Africa.

Brian Herlihy

Executive Director


Mauritius has a proven track record as an international financial centre as it has been the main route for FDI into India over the past 15 years and is emerging as the financial centre of reference for Africa for funds and other investment vehicles, on the strength of its business friendly environment and legislation.

Dr Gachao Kiuna


Kenya-based investment firm TransCentury Limited