ABAX - Adding value to global business

ABAX - Adding value to global business

Go Green

We at ABAX believe we have a role to play in the protection of the  environment. On 5 June, to mark the World Environment Day, we launched the ABAX Go Green Project and also adopted an Environment Charter.


ABAX Charter

An Environment Committee was set up from a project that was done by the management team of ABAX in the context of the Executive Development program in 2011. Since then the Committee has been working on the implementation of this project and its main objective is to grow ABAX into an environment- friendly organisation.

The aim of the Environment Committee is to help reduce the ecological impact of our day to day actions by optimizing the use of our natural resources in view of a sustainable economy. The main areas of focus are:

  • The reduction and optimisation of energy consumption;
  • The reduction of paper consumption and the effective use of paper; and
  • The implementation of a waste management system.

The Environment Committee has also embarked on a program to educate ABAX staff and promote environmental awareness. The aim is to make all ABAX staff environmental conscious employees who will in turn become advocates of the environment at home and with their friends.

Abax is also engaging with other companies of GML within the GML Think Green Project for a collective action that will help bring a change at Group level. In so doing GML, the largest conglomerate of Mauritius, intends to bring a contribution to making the “Maurice Ile Durable” concept a reality.

At the level of Abax we acknowledge that we have an impact on the environment through the conduct of our business operations. However we shall demonstrate business leadership by enhancing our understanding of environmental issues and integrating these considerations into our business practices.



This Environment Charter defines the specific commitments which will ensure that we achieve our environmental performance objectives. It applies to the whole of our activity and more specifically to:

  • The conduct of our business operations;
  • The purchase and use of goods and services; and
  • The design and distribution of our services.



We are committed specifically to:

  • Ensuring compliance with all legal requirements with regards to the environment that are relevant to our business operations and activities in the jurisdictions in which we operate;
  • Establishing clear and measurable environmental performance objectives and standards;
  • Identifying and monitoring the environmental issues associated with our business and our services; and resolving these effectively;
  • Training employees to be aware of the environmental impacts of our operations and to support our programs to reduce these impacts;
  • Encouraging our business partners to adopt practices consistent with the intent of this Charter;
  • Participating in industry environmental initiatives and policy formulation;
  • Reporting to stakeholders on our environmental performance; and
  • Reviewing and updating the Environment Charter every year.