ABAX - Adding value to global business

ABAX - Adding value to global business

Corporate Finance Advisory

Our Corporate Finance Advisory (“CFA”) services are tailored to accompany our clients on their growth agenda, be it organically, through new projects, or inorganically, through M&A activities.

We draw from the intelligence gathered from interactions with clients across a variety of industries, sectors and jurisdictions in Africa and Asia; and leverage the financial ecosystem of Mauritius for our clients’ benefit.


Our CFA service offering includes:

Independent business valuations

We can assist in carrying out independent business valuations of your company or investment targets. Over the years, we have developed a proprietary valuation database with a focus on African businesses operating in different sectors including agro-business, ICT, microfinance, insurance and renewable energies.


Business & financial modelling

We help you to capture opportunities and risks of your project / venture into a financial model and estimate project and investor returns. This will enable you to make informed investment decisions.


Advice on fundraising

We will estimate your peak funding needs based on your projections, stress test these projections and carry out sensitivity analysis. We will prepare bankable documents, tailored to the needs of the targeted capital providers, and assist you in presenting your business case.


Debt advisory

We assist you in analysing, structuring and executing across a variety of debt products. We also provide advice and support on asset securitisation, working capital management and refinancing transactions. Our independence allows us to get the best deal for you every time.


Deal origination and evaluation

Based on your investment strategy, we will present you with opportunities which have been carefully scrutinised and assessed by our in-house experts. We draw from our network of contacts to identify deals and our knowledge of the market to filter and evaluate same.


Financial due diligence

Should you be interested in a potential investment, we can assist you in carrying out a financial due diligence. We will assess the financial viability of each target, perform a risk assessment, including identification of deal breakers and discuss potential pricing adjustments with you.


Capital market transactions (listing, delisting, takeovers)

We will assess your listing readiness, help you raise capital on the stock market (local and regional) and advise on listing requirements (pre- and post-listing) and other capital market transactions. We liaise directly with the regulators and the exchange to ensure a smooth listing process, and assist in the preparation or review of all required documentations (in compliance with all the listing regulations). Post listing, we will be your main point of contact with the exchange, ensuring that as a listed issuer you remain  in compliance with the continuing obligations towards the exchange.

Novan Maharahaje

Senior Manager - Corporate Finance Advisory