ABAX - Adding value to global business

ABAX - Adding value to global business



We at ABAX recognise that our business will not be sustainable if we do not strike the right balance between the financial, social and environmental aspects of our business. We aim to achieve this objective by ensuring the following:

  • The well-being of our team members;
  • Our contribution to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme; and
  • The reduction of our impact on the environment.


The well-being of our team members

ABAX recognises that its team members are its most important asset, hence the emphasis we place on the development of each of our personnel. Each employee follows a “I-grow” programme, and regular training, both technical and soft, is dispensed throughout the year by internal trainers and external consultants.

On an Annual basis, a full day Human Resource Development Programme including team building activities, is being organised out of the office and regroups all employees, irrespective of function and hierarchy.

Our people engage in sports activities all year round and our annual Sports Day is an event that everyone looks forward to.


Corporate Social Responsibility

ABAX has for the last five years engaged actively in social projects. Our main CSR focus is two-fold: education to vulnerable groups and environment protection. 2% of the company’s annual profit is channelled to social projects through the GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse CSR vehicle.

The main NGOs which have benefited from Abax help so far are:

  • ANFEN and Oasis de Paix – organisations helping youngsters who have dropped out from the main education stream;
  • Soroptimist – part funding of the construction of a kindergarten known as Le Flamboyant in a low income region;
  • La Ruche – part funding of the building of an education center at La Valette, a new integrated village for low income groups;
  • Junior Achievement des Mascareignes – promotion of education; and
  • Mauritius Wildlife Foundation – building awareness amongst children on the need to protect the fauna and flora.


ABAX also motivates its team members to participate in its various CSR activities. Not only do we provide assistance to the funding of the various social projects but we also get involved with the actual implementation of them. In so doing we believe this contributes to the development of our own people.