ABAX - Adding value to global business

ABAX - Adding value to global business

ABAX to benefit from customised leadership program from Mauritius-based African Leadership College

ALU is a network of world-class tertiary institutions offering programs designed to groom Africa’s future leaders. With a mission to develop 3 million African leaders over the next 50 years, ALU focuses on building 25 campuses across Africa. ALU was founded by entrepreneur and educationist Fred Swaniker who believes that Africa’s prosperity will principally depend on strong institutions and the calibre of its leaders. ALU’s first campus was launched in Mauritius in 2015.

Says Fred Swaniker: “In only 18 months, African Leadership College has grown from a small start-up team to an institution with over 300 students and 120 staff. It was recently recognised by CNN as the ‘Harvard of Africa’. This would not have been possible without a partner like ABAX. They have opened doors beyond anything we could have imagined. I have found that they always seek to add value. As such, I am delighted to be their client.”

“We are now leveraging our training capabilities and knowledge of African markets to develop the skills and knowledge of ABAX’s middle managers and entry level staff,” he adds.

For Sandra Govinden Senior Manager of Human Capital at ABAX, this new form of collaboration with ALU is preparing the company to better execute on its vision to become a leading provider of integrated advisory, corporate and business services for sub-Saharan Africa by 2020.

“With the customised leadership program developed for us by ALU, our staff will acquire insightful knowledge on doing business in Africa that will help them better serve our clients. We also welcome the opportunity for our people to be exposed to African cultures. This will help them build genuine rapport with our African clients.”  

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